Search progresses for dozens missing in Indonesia ferry sinking

Number of missing persons much higher than authorities initially thought. Ferry had no passenger list.

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Relatives weep in Sumatra
Relatives weep in Sumatra

Indonesian officials estimate that 166 people are missing after a ferry sank into the water two days ago on a popular lake in northern Sumatra. The number is much higher than the authorities had originally thought.

The ferry did not have a passenger list, and rescue centers updated the number of missing persons several times as more and more concerned relatives arrived at the lake disaster site in search of their relatives.


Yesterday authorities said the number of missing persons was 94 and expected to increase. Only 18 people survived so far and one death occurred Monday evening near the time of the disaster.

According to a report in the Jakarta Post, a wooden-built shuttle is the vessel that overturned. Hundreds of people are participating in rescue efforts.