Hiking with strollers in the beautiful Galilee

Many are put off going on a family hike when the children are small, worrying that the stroller will not fit through.

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ילדים אחים משפחה קיץ סנדלים רגליים
ילדים אחים משפחה קיץ סנדלים רגליים

Hiking with strollers in the beautiful Galilee

Many are put off going on a family hike when the children are small, worrying that the stroller will not fit through the narrow paths and rocky terrains and thus miss an opportunity to enjoy the unique beauty and picturesque places around the country. Fortunately, the enchanting Galilee is full of lovely spots and offers unique trails accessible to strollers, so no matter what type of stroller you have, you can explore through the streams over the muddy waters and even visit one of the special caves in the north of the country. Here are some recommendations for tours that are suitable for strollers.

Ein Afek Nature Reserve

An ideal reserve for families is the Ein Afek Nature Reserve in the Zevulun Valley near Kiryat Bialik. A beautiful reserve where you can walk comfortably on wooden platforms, that also extend over the swamp area. The landscape merges flowing springs, a Crusader dam, an ancient mill and lush vegetation. You can take the circular route lasting 1-2 hours or have a picnic in one of the green and shaded corners of the reserve and watch the water birds that live here like little Egrets and Ducks.

Keshet Cave

Illustrates an impressive geological phenomenon with a special arc-shaped cave. Once you get to the cave, you can enjoy impressive panoramic views of the western Galilee, Carmel and Betzet. The cave itself is definitely the highlight of the trip, but nevertheless is easily accessible and an enjoyable day out. To get to the cave we recommend going through the Adamite Park where you can find picnic tables and benches shaded by big Oak and Carob trees.

The Dan reserve

Tel Dan is one of Israel's favorite reserves, especially for those looking for cool shade from tall trees on warm days. In the reserve there is an easy paved walking trail with a distance of 2 kilometers that is suitable for strollers and wheelchairs, where you can enjoy walking along wooden bridges and decks that offer views points of the stream and a variety of rich vegetation which includes the popular Petal and Dolev trees. Adults or older children are invited to the swimming pool and visit the ancient Tel Dan whose remains date back 5,000 years or so.

Designated Picnic areas are provided for families wishing to dine outside.


Walking along the sea front,whether you choose to go in the light of the sunset or simply on one a bright day when there is a refreshing breeze, the trail connecting Tel Akhziv National Park with Rosh Hanikra is exactly what you were looking for. A dazzling view of the sea, rocky islands, beautiful lagoons and interesting statues. The route stretches a distance of 5.5 kilometers in any direction, but you do not have to take the entire distance and can stop on the way and come back.

Around the Hula Lake

Agmon Hula is a recommended tourist site close to Rosh Pina, which combines fascinating bird watching with binoculars, a walk suitable for strollers and an option of renting bicycles or golf carts and traveling between the Agamon and the green fields. From time to time you can see here white kingfishers, Rollers, and Night Herons. Enjoy the picturesque spots designated for picnicking and landscape observations. The route is suitable for strollers and is 8.5 km long but can be shortened at any time to return to the starting point - back to the cafeteria and from there to the parking.

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