French president scolds teenager for 'acting like a clown'

Macron scolds youth who asks him, 'What's going on, Manu?' 'If you want to lead a revolution, first learn how to put food on the table.'

Reut Hadar,

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron

A teenager addressed French President Emmanuel Macron with the nickname “Manu,” and the French president decided to scold him.

The boy asked Macron, "What's going on, Manu?" during a ceremony to mark General Charles de Gaulle's call for a popular revolt during World War II.

The president replied, "No, no, you are at an official ceremony, you just cannot behave like that. You can act like a clown, but today we sing the anthem and the song of the partisans. Address me as ‘Mister President,’ or just ‘Sir.’”

The youth apologized, but the president continued to scold him. "You need to do things as they should be done. If you want to lead a revolution one day, first get a degree and learn how to put food on the table," he said.