Watch: Stole car, crashed - then fled

Two Arab residents of eastern J'lem steal car, after which they crash into trees and flee the scene. Indictment filed against one of them.

Ido Ben Porat ,

תיעוד: גנבו רכב, התנגשו בעץ ונמלטו
תיעוד: גנבו רכב, התנגשו בעץ ונמלטו
צילום: דוברות המשטרה

Two Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem in their twenties stole a car from Halamit Street in the capital, before crashing into trees and fleeing the scene.

The incident took place on May 12, around 4:00 AM, when the police hotline received a report that a vehicle had crashed into trees.

Police officers summoned to the scene found the vehicle abandoned, and a brief examination revealed that it had been stolen shortly before.

Forensic investigators collected evidence and other findings from the vehicle, and security cameras that had documented the accident and the escape of the two suspects were located.

The two Arabs were arrested, and the main suspect was also questioned on suspicion of driving without a license. Last Thursday, an indictment was filed against him for stealing the car, driving a vehicle without a driver's license and other offenses.