White House spokesman: Pressure on North Korea will continue

White House spokesman Raj Shah talks about the agreement between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and the path forward.


Trump and Kim
Trump and Kim

Raj Shah, the white house spokesman, thinks that there should be no skepticism about the statements at the end of the Trump and Kim meeting.

"I think that North Korea, hasn't acted in great faith over the last several decades. But that's what makes the visit in Singapore and the president's actions so historic. And I think that the president has, you know, extracted at least some good-faith signals from North Korea and from Kim Jong Un".

"with what the president has announced, there hasn't been a loosening of the maximum pressure campaign, and sanctions by the United States and our allies remain in effect. And that's very important going forward. That's something that both the president and Secretary Pompeo have been very firm on", he said.