Best way for high ROI on degree: Compound communications studies

Bar-Ilan has long history of providing educational programs for students from abroad – including exceptional double majors in communication.

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University students
University students
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The world of communication is changing. The way we provide and consume information is constantly advancing, and now more than ever, fundamental communications skills are key factors of success in relationships, innumerable industries, and life in general. From business to law, media to marketing – communication degrees are sought after and valued.

But what is the return on investment on the time and money spent in university, and what is the best way to increase the value of your degree? By applying the concept of what Einstein called the eighth wonder of the world – compounding – to your education.

Investing in your education is a must, but when it comes to breaking down the expenses, college students need to consider more than what the market value of their degree is today. They need to think about how to get a top-level education that will provide skills that go beyond their graduation.

This equation has many college students exploring options to study, in English, outside the US and UK –both for reasons of affordability and the cultural experience which adds immense value in today’s diverse workplaces.

Bar Ilan life
Bar Ilan University

In fact, many universities offer unique programs geared towards English speakers, making it easy for them to study and live abroad. Popular destinations include Sweden, Belize, Greece, and Israel. As a country with a large English speaking population and a country known for its innovation in everything from medicine to technology and education, it’s not surprising that Israel is on the top of that list.

Bar-Ilan University, one of Israel’s largest academic institutions, has a long history of providing educational programs for students from abroad – including exceptional double majors in the field of communication.

Whether you’d like to hone your communication skills in civic service, the private sector, linguistics and literature or seek to understand new societal trends of society – Bar-Ilan has a communications program to fit your needs. Students learn critical skills in analyzing and evaluating communication practices while applying verbal, written, and audio-visual communication skills and knowledge. The program provides students with an examination of communication theory, practices, and processes in a variety of contexts, from interpersonal, group, organizational, public, and electronically mediated communication.

To top it off, the program is cost-effective too. For those who choose to make Aliyah, there’s an option to receive full government funding for either the English, Hebrew, or integrated programs.

With an international community constantly growing, the Bar-Ilan campus is abuzz with over 4,000 expats. Yet, even with the high number of students from abroad, the university has succeeded in creating a warm community, both due to the extra mile faculty members go to help students acclimate, as well as a highly active Facebook community which offers a supportive social network.

This community consists of students across the spectrum of religious observance and culture, developing life-long friendships and a deeper perspective of the world at large.

In short, if you’re looking to expand your horizons while earning a BA in communications, the program at Bar-Ilan University is well worth looking into; quality academics, cost effective, specialized double major, cultural experience … now THAT’S a well invested education – compounded!

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