Shin Bet head reveals 'lone terrorist' prevention methods

Since year's beginning GSS thwarted about 250 major terrorist attacks including suicide bombings, kidnappings, shootings.

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Identifying threats
Identifying threats

ISA Director Nadav Argaman participated today in an internal security ministers' conference on the subject of "dealing with and thwarting terror threats" held in Jerusalem.

"The Shin Bet is dealing with many and varied threats of terrorism," Argaman said. "The map of threats and challenges is diverse and has been deployed in a number of unstable and challenging arenas."

He told participants that alongside threats of institutionalized terror, the phenomenon of "the lone terrorist" has been conspicuous in recent years, often acting out of imitation and inspiration, and in many cases following inflammatory discourse on social networks. "The General Security Service knew how to adapt itself to this threat and to act via technological, intelligence, and operational means to locate these hazards in advance," he said.

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"A crushing blow against terror is made possible by combining high-quality and dedicated human capital, advanced technology, and unique and professional methods of operation."

The Shin Bet head added, "The Shin Bet's extensive investment in technological developments in the areas of Big Data, learning systems, and artificial intelligence creates a quantum leap in transitioning from exhaustion to intelligence forecasting in order to thwart terror intentions and attacks in advance.

"As a learning, integrating, advanced, and technological organization, we've emphasized the value of integration and the value of innovation, and we place great emphasis on strategic cooperation with our partners in the community, in Israel and abroad, the Israeli high-tech industry, and other civilian bodies. At the same time, the Shin Bet continues its determination to thwart classic terrorism, using its various means of information gathering and active prevention."

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