India: Muslim man sacrifices 4-year-old daughter

Father says he had to offer that which he loved most to Allah during Ramadan, so he slashed her throat.

Gary Willig ,

Indian policemen
Indian policemen
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A Muslim man in the Indian city of Jodhpur slit his four-year-old daughter's throat in a sacrifice to Allah, the Times of India reported.

Nawab Ali Qureshi, 26, admitted to murdering his eldest daughter, Rizwana, on Friday as a sacrifice for the month of Ramadan.

Qureshi took Rizwana to a market to buy candies. That night, he woke her and took her to the balcony. Qureshi recited verses from the Koran before slitting Rizwana's throat. He then went back to sleep.

Qureshi's wife found their daughter's body at approximately 3 AM Saturday morning. He initially blamed the family cat for slashing her throat, but later admitted to the murder.

Jodhpur police reported that during his interrogation he stated: "I love my child more than my own life," and therefore "I offered my daughter as a sacrifice."