France against 'Nakba Street'

Mayor of Bezons, near Paris, inaugurates 'Nakba Street.,' but French authorities order cancellation of move.

Nitzan Keidar ,

Flag of France
Flag of France

The mayor of Bezons, located near Paris, inaugurated today a street called "Nakba."

The street was so named as a show of solidarity with the Palestinian Arabs and what was defined as "their suffering" by the mayor.

However, the images from the inauguration of the street soon reached the Foreign Ministry in Israel, which demanded the intervention of French authorities against the move.

Emanuel Nachshon, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, said that French Ambassador Helene Le Gal informed senior ministry officials that the new signs marking Nakba Street had been removed.

"This is in light of the intervention of the French authorities against the move," Nachshon explained.