Germany: Thousands attend neo-Nazi concert

Over 2,000 attend largest neo-Nazi event in Germany at Themar music festival.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Neo-Nazi (file)
Neo-Nazi (file)

Over 2,000 people attended a neo-Nazi music festival in the German city of Themar on over the weekend.

German police reported that during the event, which was attended by local neo-Nazis, 55 criminal offenses were recorded. 33 of the offenses involved the use or display of symbols prohibited by the German constitution, including a swastika, the use of Nazi salutes, and more.

One of the concert participants also struck a press photographer who documented the event.

Attendees began arriving on Friday for the festival, which took place on Saturday and Sunday. The annual festival is the largest neo-Nazi event in Germany.

This year, 400 anti-Fascist demonstrators protested against the existence of the neo-Nazi festival on Themar.

One of the protesters was Themar Mayor Hubert Buss, who expressed disappointment that more people did not turn out to protest the concert.

"People should be happy that local people have come out of their homes to show the other side of Themar, I'm sorry there were no more demonstrators like that, but I'm grateful to any of the protesters who left their houses," Bose said.

Many of the protesters expressed disappointment at the fact that the courts did not forbid the neo-Nazi rock concert, despite a petition submitted by several organizations in an effort to prevent the concert from being held.