Watch: Rescuing teenagers from Arava disaster

IAF video shows soldiers rescuing teens trapped in disastrous flash flood.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rescuing teenagers from the Tzafit Stream
Rescuing teenagers from the Tzafit Stream
IAF Magazine

The IAF on Saturday evening published a video showing the rescue carried out by Air Force's 669 Search and Rescue Unit.

In the rescue, soldiers attempted to save students at Tel Aviv's Bnei Zion pre-military academy after they were swept away by a flash flood while hiking in the Tzafit Stream.

Major D., who is a deputy commander in the unit, said, "A fighter from my unit entered the flood, climbing into a niche in the rocks. There were four youths there in that little crack in the rock, waving to our helicopter with an item of clothing."

"People think the cable we let down from the helicopter stands straight, but in reality, it moves from side to side, and I saw how our fighter kept bumping into the rocks.

"When he reached the youths, he rescued first a girl who was in the worst condition of the four, and brought her into the helicopter. It took him four trips before he had rescued them all. And you understand that every time, it was dangerous and his stomach was in knots."