Watch: Israeli navy shoots down drone in training exercises

Israeli ship shoots down drone as part of missile boat training exercises.

Kobi Finkler ,

Training exercise
Training exercise
IDF spokesperson

Israeli naval forces successfully completed a complex series of training exercises recently, involving simulated defensive and offensive actions by Israeli missile boats.

During the first training exercise, an unmanned aircraft was used to simulate a missile threat against an offshore oil rig. A missile boat taking part in the exercise identified the threat posed by the simulated “missile”, and using its “Barak” defensive system, opened fire on the drone, successfully shooting it down and neutralizing the threat.

The ship, a Saar 4.5-class missile boat, was recently upgraded with a new sensor system.

In a later exercise which simulated an offensive action against an enemy ship, the INS Lahav corvette and INS Kidon missile boat fired missiles at the target, hitting and destroying it.