Indictments for illegal Bedouin outposts built on Jewish land

Following a petition submitted by Regavim, indictments will be filed in case of network of Bedouin outposts on Jewish-owned land.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Illegal Bedouin outpost
Illegal Bedouin outpost

The Lod District Court ordered the filing of indictments in the case of the illegal Bedouin outposts that were established in the Gedera area, Rehovot, and near the Tel Nof base.

The indictments were filed in response to a petition by the Regavim organization. In its petition, Regavim noted that this phenomenon of illegal construction has occurred over the last two years and has been carried out systematically. The takeovers began with the legal acquisition of some of the land, and continued with the aggressive takeover of nearby private lands belonging to Jewish farmers, most of which were purchased in the early 20th century.

In carefully trimmed areas, greenhouses that ostensibly seemed destined for agriculture were built, but in practice they were converted into residential complexes. The fencing of the areas and the construction of the sheds was also carried out illegally.

The Regavim movement used a drone equipped with a camera to survey the illegally construction. The surveillance revealed that many of the transactions were carried out through alleged tax evasion totaling hundreds of thousands of shekels. In addition a pub and even swimming pools were built under the greenhouses.

During the hearing on the Regavim petition, the National Building Supervision Unit admitted that there were almost 20 illegal outposts established in the area in the last two years and that it had been operating in the area over the last year.

At the same time, the Regavim Movement approached the Tax Authority to open its own investigation into the alleged tax evasion. According to the allegations, the buyers reported that they paid less for the properties than they actually paid, leading to their paying far less in property taxes.

"Due to the exposure of the affair and the hidden documentation, we have put pressure on the authorities, who have significantly improved the enforcement activity in the area. Following our appeals they have filed a number of indictments against the offenders," said attorney Boaz Arazi of the Regavim Legal Department. "The court accepted our arguments and ordered the filing of additional indictments. We will continue to monitor the activities of the legal authorities in order to increase the pressure and deterrence until the phenomenon is eradicated."