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Netanyahu answers Pardo:
'The Mossad is not a criminal organization'

PM refers at start of cabinet meeting to words of ex Mossad head. 'The Mossad is a splendid organization that does very important work.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Netanyahu at meeting
Netanyahu at meeting
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Prime Minister Netanyahu, this morning, Sunday, at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting, made the following remarks:

"Tomorrow I will leave for Europe to meet with three main leaders: Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Theresa May. While I will discuss with them developments in the region, the emphasis will be on Iran, first of all on continuing to block Iran's nuclear program.

Of course, I will reiterate an unchanging truth: Israel will not allow Iran to achieve nuclear weapons.

The second thing is the blocking of Iran's plans for expansion and aggression throughout the Middle East, especially in Syria. I will also insist on a basic principle: Israel retains – and will continue to retain – freedom of action against the establishment of an Iranian military presence anywhere in Syria.

I recently discussed these issues with Russian President Vladimir Putin and American Secretary of State Pompeo. These talks are very important for the security of Israel.

Netanyahu also referred to former Mossad head Tamir Pardo's interview on the "Uvda" TV program, where he called the Mossad "a criminal organization with a license."

"I would like to make it clear: The Mossad is not a criminal organization. It is a splendid organization that does holy work in the fight against terrorism and other threats to the State of Israel, and we all salute it," Netanyahu said.