Over 6,000 traffic life-threatening violations in one week

Israel Police revoke forty licenses, catch over 1,000 drivers using mobile phones instead of focusing on the road.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Using a phone while driving
Using a phone while driving

Israeli authorities handed out over 5,600 traffic fines in one week, most of them for traffic violations which endangered lives, Israel Police reported.

Approximately 1,000 drivers were caught using their mobile phones while driving, instead of using a speaker. Each of these drivers was fined 1,000 NIS, and received 8 points against their driving record.

Twenty drivers had their licenses revoked immediately for a period of thirty days, and twenty vehicles were confiscated for thirty days.

In Judea and Samaria, 974 traffic fines were given to drivers violating traffic laws. Most of the violations occurred on Route 60, one of the main north-south highways crossing Judea and Samaria.

Twenty-one drivers had their licenses revoked and sixteen vehicles were confiscated.

Of the fines in Samaria, 58 were for use of mobile phones while driving.