Watch: Economy Minister answers pro-BDS activists

BDS and pro-Palestinian Arab activists interrupt meeting between Economy Minister Eli Cohen and businesspeople in Toronto.

Hezki Baruch ,

Eli Cohen
Eli Cohen
Eliran Aharon

BDS and pro-Palestinian Arab activists on Wednesday interrupted a meeting between Economy and Industry Minister Eli Cohen (Kulanu) and businesspeople in Toronto, Canada.

The activists accused Cohen of murdering innocents in Gaza and claimed that a trade agreement between Canada and Israel that had been signed earlier in the day was "Palestinian blood on the hands of the Canadians."

The crowd responded by booing the activists and Minister Cohen did not hesitate to fire back at them, pointing out that Israel provides Gazans with everything needed to develop Gaza and make it stable and prosperous.

“We send you medicine, we send you food…build schools! Build industrial zones! This is what you should do with the money,” said Cohen.

“We gave you Gaza till the last millimeter. Instead of building hospitals, instead of taking care of your people, you are shooting rockets!” added the minister.