Religious athletes petition against Shabbat championship

Legal clinic of Shaarei Mishpat College petitions Supreme Court for religious athletes against holding shooting championship on Shabbat.

Mordechai Sones ,

Marksmanship competition
Marksmanship competition
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Shaarei Ma'ada and Law Center President Prof. Aviad HaCohen petitioned the Supreme Court today to issue an interim injunction preventing the Israel Marksmanship Championship from being held next Saturday.

The petition was filed on behalf of religious competitors who reached the final round and wish to exercise their right to participate in the competition for the prestigious title of Marksmanship Champion.

In the petition Professor HaCohen wrote that the organizers of the competition, who receive public funding, must conduct it in a way that will allow religious competitors Gad Segal and Shai Barret to participate.

Moreover, the petition notes that the play-offs took place on weekdays and there is no reason why the championship should not also take place on a weekday and not on Shabbat.

HaCohen notes in his petition that other sports associations have changed the dates of competitions and moved them from Saturday to weekdays to allow religious contestants to participate.