Policeman sent on leave for injuring Arab demonstrator

Policeman suspected of injuring Mossawa Center Director at Haifa police station sent on compulsory leave.

Mordechai Sones ,

Police baton
Police baton

The policeman suspected of injuring Arab operative Jafar Farah at a Haifa police station was sent on compulsory leave.

Farah, who is Director General of the Mossawa Center for Arab Citizens in Israel, claimed he was attacked by a policeman after being arrested demonstrating in support of Gaza's Arabs.

"After the demonstration, all materials were transferred to the Police Investigations Department to open an investigation. The suspect was removed from the unit for several days in accordance with the interrogation's needs. This morning Israel Police decided to send the policeman on compulsory leave, as the investigation into his case is expected to continue," the police said.

Police also said that upon receiving the findings of the investigation, the Investigations Department would consider taking administrative or disciplinary measures against the policeman.