Report: Israel won't cooperate with Human Rights Council

Senior legal source says Israel to release own report on Gaza violence as Human Rights Council is considered biased against Israel.

Gary Willig,

Gaza border riots
Gaza border riots

Israel will compile its own comprehensive report on violent riots in Gaza in which approximately 100 Gazans were killed over the last three months and will not cooperate with the UN Human Rights Council investigation, Walla News reported.

A senior legal source told Walla News that past experience has shown that Israel cannot trust the Human Rights Council to conduct an objective investigation, and that Israel would be better served by providing a report which focuses on the facts of the case.

"The reports published by Israel in the past were highly appreciated around the world, and contributed to a better understanding of the IDF's actions and justification for them," the source said.

The UN Human Rights Council voted on May 18 to establish a Commission of Inquiry to examine possible war crimes committed by Israel during the recent confrontations on the Gaza border.

62 Gazans were killed on May 14, the deadliest day of the riots along the Gaza border. The Hamas terrorist organization admitted that 50 of the dead were members of its organization.

Israel has refused to cooperate with prior Human Rights Council investigations of conflicts with Hamas. Israel produced its own report following Operation Protective Edge in 2014 to counter the Human Rights Council report, which relied heavily on data provided by the Hamas terrorist organization.

The report on the recent Gaza violence is expected to be modeled on the report issued following Operation Protective Edge. However, the report is expected to be shorter than its predecessor. It is expected to focus on Hamas' military build-up and threat to Israel, the war crimes committed by Hamas, and the extensive measures implemented by the IDF to conform with international law and to minimize civilian casualties.