Activist arrested, sentenced, within an hour

English activist Tommy Robinson is arrested for 'disturbing the public peace,' sentenced to jail within one hour.

Dalit Halevi ,


Tommy Robinson, a right-wing activist who warned about radical Islam in England, was arrested on Friday in Leeds.

At the time of his arrest, Robinson was reporting live on Facebook across from the courthouse. Less than an hour after his arrest, he was sentenced to thirteen months in jail.

The policemen who arrested Robinson claimed he was causing disturbances to public peace. In videos of the arrest, Robinson can be seen speaking into his cellular phone as he is arrested, and asking police officers for an explanation of why he was arrested.

Robinson had originally arrived at the courthouse to cover the court cases of Muslims charged with raping young women and forcing them to serve as prostitutes. Currently, England has a gag order on the topic.

When the accused were brought to court, Robinson called out to them, and in his Facebook videos, he emphasized that they are suspects.

Attorney Ezra Levant, who founded The Rebel and served as Robinson's employer until a few months ago, said, "The English court has murdered its reputation in the areas of freedom and law."