'This is what a midterm president looks like'

President Trump's associates say he's sticking to his playbook to keep GOP majorities in Congress in midterm elections.


Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump has famously discarded a lot of political traditions. But he's approaching the November elections in a remarkably traditional way.

He raises money. He holds rallies to motivate his base. At a rally in Indiana recently he reminded his supporters that his entire agenda — "all of the great momentum we're having on jobs on safety and security on our military... it's all at stake in November."

He bashes his Democratic opponents: "Nancy Pelosi and her gang, they've got to be voted out of office!"

In a recent interview, White House political director Bill Stepien was relaxed and upbeat.

"I saw a reporter tweet after the Indiana rally, in which they said, 'This is what a midterm president looks like.' And they're right," Stepien said. "This is what a midterm president looks like."

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