Switzerland: Jews not wanted in vacation apartments?

Tourist company rep wanted to rent vacation apartments in Cranes Montana, Switzerland, but was told that the owner refused to accept Jews.

Benny Toker ,

Crans Montana
Crans Montana

The 'Hol Hamehudar' (Exquisite Abroad) tourism company for the religious and haredi community specializing in vacations in Europe, mainly in Austria

Spokesperson Tamar Wolf spoke to Arutz Sheva about a serious incident that took place recently. "My friend asked me, as a German spokesperson, to inquire for her about a Swiss apartment in Switzerland. I sent an email to the owner of the apartment in the town of Crans Montana in Switzerland and wanted to make sure that there are no sensors that automatically turn on the light when the person enters the room."

She said that the owner "apparently understood the request that we were Jews and she replied that she was sorry but if the customers were Jewish, then she thinks she is not the right person." It is culturally inappropriate and she is afraid to deal with it."

Wolf, who exposed these developments to 'Hol Hamehudar' that owners usually take Jewish sensibilities into account. "The Israelis do not have a very good reputation there when it comes to the condition of the apartments after the vacation, but when it comes to the demands of Judaism and Halacha, We do not have a problem.

"In a vacation organized by 'go&joy' in Austria, the owners even agreed that the pool would become a men's mikvah. They said they did not care about all our fads, they also knew that there would be food with disposable utensils and that there would be a lot of garbage, and they were also prepared to make symbolic property of the houses for mixing courtyards. As far as the Swiss were concerned, I did not like the way the reaction was. It was a bit anti-Semitic."