Tragedy in Modi'in Illit

Head of city business licensing department, mother of 10 who did her best to facilitate granting of licenses, passes away at 42 from cancer.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Memorial candle
Memorial candle

Esther Hachamov, a resident of the Brachfeld neighborhood of Modi'in Illit, died Tuesday morning at the age of only 42 after suffering from cancer, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

Hachamov was known throughout the haredi city as the manager of the municipality's business licensing department who worked to facilitate the approval of licenses for various business owners.

For an extended period she suffered from cancer, and suffered greatly, but this did not prevent her from continuing her committed support for her husband, Rabbi David Hachamov, a yeshiva scholar in Modi'in Illit.

This morning her condition deteriorated and rescue teams summoned to her house found her unconscious. A short while later, they were forced to declare her death.

Hachamov’s funeral is taking place this afternoon at the Segula Petach Tikva cemetery. She leaves behind ten children.