Moroccan protesters denounce Israel, US embassy move

Over 10,000 protesters gather in Casablanca chanting 'death to Israel' to protest US embassy move, use of force against Gaza rioters.

David Rosenberg ,

Thousands protest against Israel and US in Morocco
Thousands protest against Israel and US in Morocco

Some 10,000 protesters gathered in the western Moroccan city of Casablanca Sunday to protest against the US and Israel, following the unveiling of the new US embassy in Jerusalem on Monday.

Marchers chanted “death to Israel” and waved PLO flags, with some carrying signs reading "Al Quds (Jerusalem) Palestine's eternal capital."

The demonstration was organized by four different parties in Morocco, including the radical Islamist group al-Adl Wal Ihsan.

Some demonstrators posed as Israeli soldiers or political leaders, including Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in mock combat against other protesters who filled the role of Gaza rioters.

The US moved its embassy to Jerusalem on Monday, fulfilling President Donald Trump’ 2016 campaign promise and implementing the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act.

During the move, more than 35,000 rioters clashed with Israeli security forces along the Israel-Gaza border, attempting to breach Israel’s security fence and infiltrate into Israeli territory.

More than 60 rioters were killed during the clashes, including 50 individuals identified by Hamas as members of the terror group.

Thousands of Moroccan’s protested the US embassy move when it was first announced in December, with demonstrators in Rabat trampling the US and Israeli flags.