Israeli army cadet sparks controversy at Auschwitz

Soldier representing Israel in delegation to Auschwitz carries sign in Polish reading 'You're also responsible'.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Isaac Harari/FLASH90

A cadet from an Israeli officers’ academy sparked an international row last week, when he displayed a sign criticizing Poland’s behavior during the Holocaust.

According to a report Sunday evening by Army Radio, the cadet had traveled to Poland last week as part of the “Witnesses in Uniform” program to visit Holocaust-related sites, including the Auschwitz concentration camp.

During the visit to Auschwitz, the cadet carried a sign in Polish reading “You were also responsible”, referencing the recently-passed law in Poland which bans the phrase “Polish death camps”, as well as claims Poland bore partial responsibility for the Holocaust.

Polish guards at Auschwitz filmed the cadet carrying the sign, and demanded he stop.

The cadet was not arrested during his stay in Poland.

According to an IDF spokesperson, army officials will investigate the incident and respond appropriately. The spokesperson said the incident occurred last Thursday, while the delegation was taking a group photograph.

“One of the group participants, who is on reserve duty, took out a sign – on his own initiative – which read in Polish “You were also responsible”.

Guards at the site reported the incident to museum officials, who quickly notified the Israeli delegation.

“The cadet was found and admitted to the deed,” the IDF spokesperson said. “The course chief spoke with the cadet, and explained the severity of his actions. The cadet will be dealt with seriously disciplined soon.”