Court rejects deportation appeal from anti-Israel activist

Israel to expel Human Rights Watch director after rejecting appeal for delay to deportation order. Will supreme court intervene?


Gavel (illustration)
Gavel (illustration)

An Israeli court on Thursday rejected Human Rights Watch's request for its local director to remain in Israel until an appeal against his expulsion is heard, the affected official told AFP.

HRW's regional director Omar Shakir, a US citizen, now has one week to leave Israel, he told AFP.

"The judge rejected our request for an interim order that would allow me to stay in the country so the case could be heard," Shakir said, after the ruling by a district court.

"The judge gave me until May 24 to leave."

HRW intends to appeal to the supreme court, he said.

The interior ministry announced on May 8 it had terminated Shakir's residency permit over accusations he previously supported a boycott of Israel.

Shakir rejected the allegation and said Israel was seeking to silence dissent.

The organisation has filed an appeal against the decision and Shakir said he had thought he was likely to be granted an extension until the case was concluded.