'Time to close Shin Bet's Jewish Section'

Following suicide of Havat Gilad youth, Moshe Zar calls on Jewish Department to close, 'blood of their agents worth less than water.'

Benny Toker ,

Moshe Zar
Moshe Zar
Flash 90

Moshe Zar, after whose son Havat Gilad is named, calls in a talk with Arutz Sheva to close the Jewish Section of the Shin Bet security service after the young man's suicide from Havat Gilad after a conversation with his Shin Bet operator.

"When I heard the recording yesterday, it turned out that the operator of this young man, whose name I know, received a phone call from the youth for help. Anyone with a little brain in his head understands what's happening here when he tells him 'the rope is on my neck and I'm sick of it' - in other words, 'I'm about to kill myself'. Yes he tied to calm him and asked him to drink a glass of water and talk in the morning, but the operator should have called someone at Havat Gilad to tell him that it was urgent to get to this guy and save himץ He didn't have to identify himself and could also call from a blocked phone and they would have saved him because he committed suicide fifteen minutes after this phone call."

He says this shows that GSS agents do not care about the lives of their agents. "The fact that this phone call wasn't made shows the blood of those operated by them is unfortunately worth less than water. So I also agree with others who say the GSS Jewish department should be abolished.

"We don't need a Jewish department that employs people who don't care about Jews. What's the most that would have happened if he called and informed the people of Havat Gilad about the fear that someone was going to commit suicide? If after they saved him, it would have come out that he worked for the Shin Bet, they would have thrown him out of Havat Gilad, but he'd still be alive."