'What about Jewish human rights?'

Lev Haolam: 'All over world are demonstrations supposedly talking about human rights violations against the terrorists trying to kill us.'

Eliran Baruch ,

Atty. Nati Rom
Atty. Nati Rom
Lev HaOlam

Lev Haolam organization Chairman Attorney Nati Rom today attended a Knesset Finance committee hearing dealing with conditions required of public institutions and non-profit organizations to receive tax exemptions. Rom spoke to Arutz Sheva about the true nature of human rights organizations that disproportionately represent those attacking Israel: "The majority of them are Left organizations and are trying to demolish Israel and are representing Palestinians and the entire story in the Gaza Strip.

"But here only yesterday a young man on the Temple Mount, a young Israeli boy, took out an American flag and said thank you to the United States of America for putting here the embassy in the capital of Israel at last.

"He was immediately arrested. Nobody's hearing about that. This is a very severe human rights violation when a teenager is just putting out a flag of the United States of America on the Temple Mount and is immediately arrested. What about freedom of speech, freedom of movement? This is something that all human rights organizations - real human rights organizations - and not those old anti-Semitic organizations in the disguise of human rights, but the real ones need to shout out and not to be silent anymore and say 'This is a violation of human rights. We would allow every person, including Jewish people, to be in the Temple Mount and put flags and to pray and do whatever they want.'

"As a lawyer and as a Lev Haolam representative, we are working very, very strongly to protect human rights of Jewish people in their homeland. Everybody all over the world is fighting Israel, and demonstrating, and supposedly talking about human rights violations of the terrorists who are trying to kill us. But here there are people who just want to pray, just want to walk freely in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem in the most holy place for them, and we are here to protect their human rights, the Jewish human rights. In Israel they're allowed to pray, they're allowed to move, and their basic human rights will be protected by us and with G-d's help."