Arab League to hold 'extraordinary' meeting

Arab foreign ministers to hold 'extraordinary' meeting Thursday in Cairo to discuss the riots on the Gaza-Israel border.


Arab League flag
Arab League flag

Arab foreign ministers are to hold an "extraordinary" meeting Thursday in Cairo to discuss the riots on the Gaza-Israel border, the organization said.

Israel has come under international pressure after around 60 Gaza rioters, most of whom were Hamas terrorists, died during clashes with Israeli security forces this week.

Permanent delegates to the Cairo-based Arab League met on Wednesday to prepare for the ministerial session called by Saudi Arabia on "the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people".

"A draft resolution will be presented" Thursday to foreign ministers, Hossam Zaki, the League's deputy secretary general, told reporters in the Egyptian capital.

He said it would contain "the strongest political positions... in support of the Palestinian resistance and against the American decision" to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.