Watch: Israel Independence Day celebrations in Washington

US Vice President Mike Pence attends celebrations at Israeli embassy in Washington DC, calls Israel's rebirth 'miracle of history.'

Gary Willig ,

Ambassador Dermer and Vice President Pence at Israel Independence Day event in Washinton
Ambassador Dermer and Vice President Pence at Israel Independence Day event in Washinton
Israeli embassy in Washington DC

The Israeli Embassy in Washington DC held a celebration in honor of Israel's 70th Independence Day Monday, the same day the new American embassy was opened in Jerusalem.

The festive event was attended by US Vice President Mike Pence, who spoke about the close friends between the US and Israel.

Pence called the rebirth of the State of Israel after two thousand years of exile a "miracle of history."

"As we look at Israel today, it is extraordinary to behold all the progress she’s made and the example she sets. The truth is, today, the modern State of Israel is not just 70 years old; Israel is 70 years strong. And the world marvels at her strength," the Vice President said.

He connected the opening of the embassy Monday with former President Harry Truman's recognition of the State of Israel exactly 70 years earlier. "The United States of America was proud to be the first nation in the world to recognize the State of Israel seven decades ago."

"And just as President Truman made history then, President Trump made history now. And thanks to the President’s leadership, almost exactly 70 years to the minute from the rebirth of the Jewish State, the American Embassy officially opened in Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Israel, today.

He noted the historic significance of the event. "From King David’s time to our own, President Trump has now etched his name into the ineffaceable story of Jerusalem. And as the President said just this morning, today is nothing less than a great day for Israel."

"Jerusalem is a city whose very name means peace," he observed. "And as for me and my family, and for millions around the globe, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, that “those who love her be secure,” that “there be peace within [her] walls, and security within [her] citadels.” And we will keep praying that until peace finally comes to Jerusalem."

During the event in Washington, Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer thanked not only President Donald Trump and his administration, but "the American people" for their support and for helping to bring the two nations closer together.

"Beyond all the individual honorees, Israel owes a profound debt of gratitude to the American people. For without their support, the alliance between the United States and Israel would be nothing like it is today," Dermer said.

President Trump could not attend the celebrations due to the medical operation First Lady Melania Trump underwent earlier that day,