Knesset Christian Allies Caucus to celebrate embassy moves

MKs across the political spectrum to gather with Christian leaders to celebrate the moves of US, Guatemalan embassies to Jerusalem.

Hezki Baruch ,

Hezki Baruch

The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC) will hold a special event celebrating the move of the US and Guatemalan embassies to Jerusalem. The event will take place in Jerusalem Hall at the Knesset and will be attended by members of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus from across the political spectrum, as well as Christian and Jewish leaders from around the world.

The celebration marks the historic and formal recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on behalf of the United States and Guatemala. Rep. Alan Clemmons will speak on behalf of the US government. Clemmons is an eight-term American legislator serving in the South Carolina House of Representatives. Clemmons authored the Israel Plank of the Republican Platform. This platform set the stage for President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Congressman Juan Manuel Diaz Duran, Chairman of the Guatemalan Israel Allies Caucus Will speak on behalf of the Guatemalan government. “The solidarity and friendship between the people of Guatemala and Israel has been very clear, since 1947 when the Republic of Guatemala played a determining role in world events by casting the second vote at the UN to recognize the State of Israel," Diaz Duran said. Duran also mentioned that last month, the Congress of Guatemala crafted a law that officially formalized May 14th as "The Day of Friendship" between Israel and Guatemala.

Other speakers at the event will include Deputy Minister Michal Oren, KCAC Chairman MK Robert Ilatov; MK Yehuda Glick, KCAC Director and IAF President Josh Reinstein, and IAF Executive Director Daniel Williams.

“The moving of US and Guatemala Embassies to Jerusalem is a historic milestone. I do believe that it is a path for peacemaking, as it recognizes the history and reflects the truth, and peace can only be based on the truth,” said MK Robert Ilatov.

“The opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem marks the realization of a 70-year-long dream, and a 2000-year vision of an independent Jewish state in the Land of Israel with its eternal and undivided capital, Jerusalem, recognized by the most powerful nation on earth,” said Deputy Minister Michal Oren.

“The moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem is the greatest victory for Faith Based Diplomacy the world has ever seen. This brave decision by President Trump is a direct result of millions of Christians in America taking their Biblical support and turning it into real political action.” said KCAC director and IAF President, Josh Reinstein.

The KCAC is a multi-partisan caucus comprised of 19 Knesset members Initially established in 2004 by the late Dr. Yuri Shtern, the caucus aims to forge direct lines of communication between Knesset members and Christian leaders, organizations, and political representatives in Israel and throughout the world. There are 38 Israel Allies Caucuses in governments worldwide, maintained by coordinated efforts of the Israel Allies Foundation.