Israel transfers medical aid to Gaza

Decision made in light of 'severe hardships in Gaza Strip'. Trucks will be brought through Kerem Shalom crossing.

Mordechai Sones ,

Humanitarian aid to Gaza
Humanitarian aid to Gaza
Flash 90

Israel decided to coordinate passage of six trucks with humanitarian aid and medical supplies to Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing, coordinated by COGAT (Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories) and through the Gaza DCO (District Coordinating Office).

The decision was made in light of what was called "the severe hardships in the Gaza Strip." Four of the trucks are from the Palestinian Authority and the other two are from UNICEF.

In addition, to increase aid, two additional trucks with medical supplies were transferred to Gaza by the IDF's Technology and Logistics Division.

The aid packages include medical equipment: fluids, bandages, child care equipment, disinfectants, and auxiliary equipment. In addition, the aid includes fuel to be transferred later. The medical equipment brought into Gaza today is added to 53 tons of additional medical equipment coordinated this week. The assistance provided by the Technology and Logistics Division is part of the policy that distinguishes between "those engaged in terrorism" and "the non-combatant population" in Gaza.

In the framework of the assistance provided by the Technology and Logistics Division, more than 14,000 Hartmann units are being transferred along with 20 examination sofas, 100 patient nightgowns, 40 patient wash basins, 25 infusion stands, close to 85,000 skin disinfection pads, 12,500 bandages, more than 2,000 units of disinfectant Septal scrub, and close to 5,000 units of other disinfectant. Altogether it is about 40 packages of medical equipment carried in 2 large trucks.