Watch: Thousands of yeshiva students celebrate at Western Wall

Thousands from institutes of Torah study from around the country gather for festive prayers in honor of Jerusalem Day.

Hezki Baruch ,

Yeshiva students at Western Wall
Yeshiva students at Western Wall
Association of Hesder Yeshivot

Thousands of students from yeshivot (institutes of Torah study) around the country gathered Sunday morning at the Western Wall plaza together with yeshiva heads and rabbis to celebrate Jerusalem Day.

Deputy Defense Minister Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan and MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) also attended the prayer.

At a central event that began yesterday and continues today at Yeshivat Hakotel, hundreds of hesder yeshiva students attended classes and learned in pairs during the night. The rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Shlomo Amar, said during the event, "Even those who do not understand the depth of the matters feels that we were never closer to the complete redemption than we were in those days of the Six Day War.”

“We merited miracles that had never happened before, and our problem is that, whenever a miracle happens, we get excited and don’t know how to contain the miracles and wonders in our souls, but the enthusiasm passes and we return to routine [...] The wise must also remember these things for the future."