Strengthening our hold in the heart of Jerusalem.

Ateret Cohanim runs critical 48-hr fundraising campaign on Sunday May 13th May (Jerusalem Day) and Monday May 14th.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 19:11

Israeli flag in Abu Tor
Israeli flag in Abu Tor
Ateret Cohanim

Ateret Cohanim is spreading its wings, and making an appeal to the world to support its activities in and around the Old City of Jerusalem. A vital fundraising campaign that will run for 48 hrs this Sunday May 13th May and Monday May 14th May, will be launched on the eve of Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusallem Day).

Ateret Cohanim is at the forefront of Jerusalem, and for close to 40 years has been establishing Jewish neighborhoods and strengthening Jewish roots in the Old City and its environs (also known as the "Holy Basin"). It is the well-known non profit organization leading the "7th Day War" to keep a united Jerusalem in Jewish hands.

The organization's successful endeavors have led to over 1000 Jewish residents living in the old Jewish Quarter (today's Muslim Quarter), 21 families living in the old Yemenite Village of Shiloach, the establishment of a Jewish neighborhood of over 100 families on the Mount of OIives (Maaleh HaZeitim), 6 families in Abu Tor, and 8 families in the fledgling Jewish neighborrhod of Kidmat Zion.

Ateret Cohanim was also responsible for the reestablishment of yeshivas, including yeshivas for married men, in the Old City and the surrounding neighborhoods - including in the City of David, Beit Orot and Shimon HaTzaddik.

And under the auspices of Ateret Cohanim is the Wittenberg play center, nurseries in the Old City and in the Shiloach, and rooftop playgrounds.

Ateret Cohanim is the pumping station of Jerusalem.

From the time, that the founder, Mati Dan, purchased the first building in the old Jewish Quarter in 1978, until this very day, Hashem (G-D) has opened the door for Ateret Cohanim. It has been a long and difficult path, with every acquisition having many complications, but Ateret Cohanim has succeeded.

Stone after stone, apartment after apartment, building after building.

Jerusalem has been rebuilt with many "jewels in her crown."

The time has come to deepen our Jewish roots and strengthen our hold in our eternal capital, and so Ateret Cohanim is calling on supporters worldwide to be an active partner in this special and holy mission.

The day chosen to launch the campaign is Jerusalem Day - the 28th Iyar, when Jerusalem was miraculously liberated, united, and returned to her natural heirs in the Six Day War of 1967.

Although the US Embassy move is an important symbolic statement and political achievement for Israel, the only way, that Jerusalem will truly remain united and under Jewish sovereignty is if there is greater Jewish life and presence in and around the Old City. There is enormous pressure to divide the city, and Arab incitement, violence and terror is rampant. Huge multi-million dollar funds from Arab countries are pouring money into the Waqf and "east" Jerusalem, with a specific agenda to divide the city.

Ateret Cohanim is standing (sometimes alone) against all these forces.

Ateret Cohanim will not allow for Jerusalem to be divided.

Ateret Cohanim will not accept "Judenrein" neighborhoods in the heart of Jerusalem.

Ateret Cohanim wil not allow for Arabs to control the Holy Basin or corridor from the Old City to Abu Dis.

Ateret Cohanim is trying to raise 2 million shekels to help some immediate projects and to further our activities in reclaiming and redeeming the Old City and its environs.

Jewish life centered around a Torah lifestyle is the only path for a secure, safe and beautiful Jerusalem.

Ateret Cohanim blends the ideological spiritual redemption with the physical redemption of Jerusalem. The perfect synthesis.

Ateret Cohanim has taken on the national project of securing Jerusalem in Jewish hands for generations. Jerusalem is on her shoulders, but the time has come to share the wonderful "holy weight" of Jerusalem. Ateret Cohanim is calling on all who love Jerusalem and who wish to see her stay firmly in Jewish hands to show real support now.

Now - in these 48 hours.

Please show your support for Ateret Cohanim and for united Jerusalem, and make a generous donation.

Your donation will help fulfill the "centuries old" dream and numerous prophecies that spoke of Jewish life sprouting up from under the debris of destruction. The day will come, when Jewish children will play in safety in the alleyways of Jerusalem.