North Carolina:
Durham synagogues, Federation employ BDS operatives

'Raises eyebrows that federations and synagogues are comfortable with BDS activists teaching at local Hebrew schools.'

Mordechai Sones ,

BDS operatives
BDS operatives

Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) reports that two of the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) operatives who helped pass a Durham City Council resolution banning life-saving police exchanges and joint training between the city’s police department and Israel’s military are employed by synagogues in the Jewish Federation of Durham-Chapel Hill.

In addition to promoting anti-Israel resolutions, Sandra Korn and Lara Haft are both employed in the Durham Jewish community at two area synagogues and at the Jewish Federation of Durham-Chapel Hill.

Haft, a Hebrew-school teacher at Beth El Synagogue for the Jewish Federation, promotes anti-Israel content on social media. Korn, who spoke at the council meeting in favor of the ban, works at the Jewish Federation as a youth Midrasha teacher, and is a board member and head of adult education at Durham’s Judea Reform Congregation.

Korn often posts anti-Israel and anti-capitalism content on social media, including a re-tweet that stated that the Anti-Defamation League is anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian, as well as a tweet that said she was planning on shoplifting to fight capitalism.

"The employment of anti-Israel activists by local Jewish Federations, and particularly by synagogue education departments, is raising eyebrows about the low level of standards maintained during the hiring and vetting of professionals—or worse, that the federations and synagogues themselves are comfortable with BDS activists teaching at local Hebrew schools," wrote JNS.

"While each synagogue attempted to distance themselves and their organizations from the views promoted by Korn and Haft, neither responded to direct questions posed by JNS on whether they are comfortable with BDS activists teaching kids about Israel and Judaism, or whether participation in anti-Israel groups like JVP should raise a red flag for mainstream Jewish organizations when hiring," the paper said.

North Carolina, USA