Agricultural terror: 'It's time to move from words to actions'

Shas MK Danny Saida attends conference on agricultural terrorism, vows to work to eradicate it.

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Emergency conference on agricultural terrorism
Emergency conference on agricultural terrorism

MK Danny Saida (Shas) took part on Sunday in an emergency conference initiated by Ariel Boker, chairman of the Campaign for the Treatment of Agricultural Crime, which is leading the protest against agricultural terrorism that has been rapidly spreading in recent weeks.

MK Saida spoke to the participants at the conference, which took part at Sde Ilan, a religious moshav in northern Israel, and expressed his pain over the terrorism they have been suffering.

"As someone who comes from the field of agriculture and suffers just like all the farmers from the terror that is spreading in many parts of the country, I think it's time to move from talking to taking action," said the MK.

"It is inconceivable that in a civilized country, we wake up every morning to updates on incidents that ultimately constitute existential danger and cause damage. In recent days I have joined the Knesset Agricultural Lobby led from the Knesset by those who are concerned over the agricultural terrorism,” he added.

"I hope that by raising the issue both in the committees and in the Knesset plenum by means of bills and so forth, we will succeed in eradicating the spreading phenomenon and bring tranquility to the farmers in the various communities which are experiencing many difficulties following the latest series of terrorist attacks," said Saida.

After hearing from farmers from the Lower Galilee communities who spoke out of deep distress, MK Saida promised, "I pledge to enlist the members of the Agricultural Lobby in order to reach the most senior officials in the government and help eradicate this phenomenon, and the sooner the better.”

As part of the agricultural terrorism, agricultural tools and fields have been set on fire, causing millions of shekels in damages.

The secretary-general of the Israel Farmers' Association, Avshalom (Abu) Vilan, demanded last month that the government take responsibility for the terrorism and take the necessary steps to halt the phenomenon.

"When you see a sequence of sabotage and destruction - and the reasons are unclear - terror, vandalism, protection - there is no choice but to set up a task force to deal with the matter, but unfortunately this is not the top priority of the government and the police," he told Arutz Sheva.