Rouhani warns US:
Exiting nuclear agreement: 'Historic regret'

Iran continues efforts to prevent US from leaving nuclear agreement, but claims it is prepared to deal with any Trump decision.

Mordechai Sones ,


Iran continues to prepare for the date when US President Donald Trump will announce his decision on the nuclear deal signed between the two powers and Iran.

As part of efforts to dissuade Trump from leaving the agreement, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said today that the United States would face "historic regret" if it decided to abandon the nuclear deal.

According to a report on Iranian state television, Rouhani added that Iran was prepared to deal with any decision made by US President Donald Trump.

Last Friday, a senior administration official said in conversation with Arutz Sheva that President Donald Trump had already decided to scrap the nuclear agreement with Iran and impose new sanctions on the country.

A week before the fateful date of the US President's decision, the official said: "Trump won't give up on this issue, and he wants to show that he stands by his word. The agreement with Iran is simply bad for him, and European attempts to compromise with him have so far been rejected out of hand."

The senior official, who is well versed in the winds blowing on the Iranian issue at the White House, added, "He'll announce that sanctions are returning, at least from the US, but he'll also say he's ready to discuss a compromise that will ensure real restraint of the nuclear program and will also deal with other threats from the Iranian government."

The senior official's comments echo assessments of Israeli political establishment heads that Trump is not interested in continuing to support the nuclear agreement. Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump held an in-depth discussion last Saturday night. The following day the new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Israel and discussed the matter with Trump.

"We've known about this material for a while and we certainly discussed this material yesterday when we were together," said Pompeo, who served as CIA Director before being appointed Secretary of State.

"It's been something that's been in the works for a while. I know that there are people talking about these documents not being authentic. I can confirm with you, for you, that these documents are real, they are authentic," he added.