'They went on the bus and just attacked me'

Afula bus driver recalls gruesome Wednesday evening assault, says incident should be classified as terrorism.

Tzvi Lev ,

Courtesy of United Hatzalah

An Afula bus driver recalled the gruesome attack on Wednesday by two assailants that sent him to the hospital in serious condition.

"I stopped in front of the hospital, I put the two passengers on and immediately after I closed the door, they attacked me," recalled Shimon Gabbay to Channel 10.

"It seemed to be more of a terrorist attack than a criminal incident. They got on the bus and attacked me, I did not even say anything to them," Gabbay continued.

According to Gabbay, "one of the attackers was wearing an olive green shirt and I waited for him to pay for his fare, but instead, he attacked me."

"The fact that they attacked me immediately upon boarding the bus suggests that this is a terrorist attack and not a criminal incident. This is the first time that I have been attacked as a driver."

Gabbay, 62, a driver for the Superbus company, was stabbed last night in Afula as he drove his bus. As a result, he lost control of his bus, crashing into another bus.

While his condition was initially defined as critical, his condition improved overnight, and he is now defined as moderately to severely wounded. Hospitalized in the intensive care unit at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, he has regained consciousness and can now communicate with his family

At the same time, police are trying to locate an additional suspect thought to be involved in the stabbing. The investigation team is still examining the background of the incident.

Liat, the bus driver's wife, told Army Radio this morning, "We need to better secure public transport drivers; We cannot silently ignore it. He was not in conflict with anyone, there was no reason for the incident to be criminal, but they are checking all options. We have no idea. "