Up to 30 injured in Stamford Hill Lag Ba'omer explosion

Multiple people treated following explosion as bonfire lit for Lag Ba'omer celebrations in London Hasidic community.

Tal Polon ,

Lag Ba'omer bonfire
Lag Ba'omer bonfire
Flash 90

Up to 30 people were injured Wednesday night in an explosion during a Lag Ba’omer bonfire lighting in the Stamford Hill neighborhood of London.

The explosion occurred as hundreds of people gathered for a Lag Ba’omer celebration near the synagogue of Biala Hasidim in the neighborhood.

Local reports indicated that around 10 people suffered burn injuries, some with burns to their faces, while others were injured as they ran away from the explosion. Emergency response group Hatzola said that "multiple patients were treated."

According to Hackney police, none of the injuries were serious.

While it is unclear what caused the explosion, reports indicated that the likely cause was fuel poured on the fire as it was being lit.

Reports on social media, however, claimed that the explosion was the result of smartphones thrown into the bonfire.

Eyewitnesses confirmed to Yeshiva World News that the Biala Rebbe had given a speech about the dangers of smartphones, indicating that he would be burning one during the celebrations.