Soldier hacks into IDF computer system to show its vulnerability

Soldier warns his commanders that 'Tzahalnet' exposed to hacks. They ignore him - but he proves his point by hacking into secret database.

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Orli Harari ,

IDF cyber unit
IDF cyber unit
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Sergeant D, a 20-year-old IDF veteran and a computer genius, during his military service hacked into the army's computer systems to prove how exposed the system was.

Channel 10 reported that after he was drafted, he was placed in a technological unit of an elite division, and during his service discovered that the IDF computer system “Tzahalnet” was exposed to hacks from the outside.

D began flooding his superiors with messages warning them of the defect - but his commanders ignored him, got annoyed, denied him access to army computers, and sent him to work as a kitchen worker.

Despite the treatment he received, D did not lose his drive to correct the weaknesses of the military computer system and began to hack into it. He extracted from it the personal details of the heads of the IDF's cyber network - the same people whose job it was to protect the military system - and turned to them, arriving at the senior officials' homes, calling them and warning them that if he managed to get their details out of the system, then the system was exposed to hacks.

Ultimately, military police arrested D, questioned him, and put him on trial. With his defense counsel, Major Lior Ayish and Captain Eliasaf Melamed, he explained at his trial that he had acted on ideological grounds and wanted to warn against hacks.

In the end, a plea bargain was reached with a particularly light penalty of conditional sentence and a fine of 1,500 shekels.