Teen banned from Temple Mount for holding Israeli flag

16-year-old banned from Temple Mount after being arrested by police for raising Israeli flag at Israel's holiest site.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

boy kicked off Temple Mount for having Israeli flag
boy kicked off Temple Mount for having Israeli flag
Temple Mount Faithful

A 16-year-old Jewish youth was removed from the Temple Mount and banned from the holy site fir six months after holding up an Israeli flag on the mount on Israel's Independence Day.

The boy, an activist in the "Temple Mount Faithful" movement, went to the Temple Mount on Independence Day together with another group of Jews who visited the site.

The boy was arrested by the police and released after a hearing was held in which it was decided to distance him from the Temple Mount. Jerusalem District Commander Yoram Halevi signed valid for six months.

"The Israeli police, which are unable to deal with the Bedouin enemy that is taking control of Negev lands, are investing their forces in the pursuit of Jews waving Israeli flags," he said in response. "He said.

The movement also said that "Temple activists will continue to wave Israeli flags and chants of 'Am Yisrael Chai' on the Temple Mount, despite the racist and illegal policies that the police are conducting there. This is a bizarre and belligerent policy that does not fully reflect Jewish independence and sovereignty, after seventy years since the State of Israel's rebirth."