Giant bootleg alcohol plant discovered in central Israel

After receiving intelligence info, Border Police find plant with thousands of bottles of bootleg alcohol in Arab town in central Israel.

Reut Hadar ,


Border Police officers discovered a huge factory for the manufacture of bootleg alcohol in the Kfar Bara local council in the Sharon region. The plant operated without permits and under poor sanitary conditions.

Thousands of bootleg bottles of alcohol, which might have reached innocent citizens and endangered their health, were seized.

The plant was found as a result of intelligence information received by the police, according to which the factory operates in a hangar in Kfar Bara. Border Police monitored the site until the owner arrived.

When the factory owner arrived, police raided the hangar and found thousands of bootleg bottles of alcohol and containers for the manufacture of vodka, whiskey and wine. The police also found machines for forging bottles, stickers, corks and glasses of beverage brands.

In addition to the owner, another three suspects who worked in the factory were detained.