Jewish Home MK: Shin Bet is instigating 'price tag' incidents

MK Smotrich asserts that the Shin Bet is seeking to frame 'hilltop youth' to legitimize the torture experienced by Duma murder suspects.

Hezki Baruch ,

Flash 90

MK Betzalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) claims that members of the Jewish Department of the Shin Bet are the instigators of "price tag" events that have taken place in recent weeks in several Arab villages throughout the country.

"I have a lot more than a feeling that the many price tag events of the past few days are intended to frame the hilltop youth as part of the Shin Bet's efforts to legitimize the torture experienced by the murder suspects in Duma within the framework of the legal proceedings being conducted these days," said the MK.

According to Smotrich, the Shin Bet instigates the “price tag” events by means of its own agents, “in order to influence the judges and the public.”

Yesterday, the Honenu legal organization revealed that police had an agent among youths in Judea and Samaria who, in at least two cases, had persuaded a “hilltop youth” to carry out “price tag” actions. The agent updated security officials before, during and after the price tag events, but the police refrained from thwarting them.

In one case, the agent gave the minor a bag with flammable material and spray paint, and coaxed him to carry out a price tag action against Arabs. The minor refused to carry out an arson, and only agreed to spray graffiti.

Later, the agent took the minor up to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem and instructed him how to cover his head and how to carry out the “price tag.” The agent also instructed him in the wording of the graffiti to spray on the houses of the Arabs there.

Israel Police said in response that the claims are “based on mistaken facts which do not fit reality. In contrast to the assertion, the prisoner was never a police agent. Not only this, but the prisoner was indicted, convicted and is serving a prison sentence for his involvement in a price tag incident and his detention was the result of determined police activity against such crimes. "

"Naturally, we will not detail intelligence information, but we will note that any complaint or information received by the police that raises suspicion of criminal offenses is thoroughly investigated and translated, if necessary, into enforcement and / or police investigations accordingly. Israel Police will continue to act determinedly against hate crimes of any nature and will bring to justice any lawbreaker who takes part in such improper acts, at any time and place,” police said.