First Time ever:
Rabbinical Courts to strike tomorrow

Employees of Rabbinical Courts to stage partial strike for first time in Israel's history.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rabbinical Court
Rabbinical Court
Nati Shohat/Flash 90

For the first time in Israeli history, the State Rabbinical Courts will go on a partial strike tomorrow.

The workers stated that the reason for the strike is "the ignoring of their demands by the administration of the courts and the Finance Ministry."

According to the workers, the requirements presented to the Finance Ministry and the rabbinical courts include the signing of a new labor agreement and a demand for a comparison of the working conditions and salaries with those of other courts.

The workers also demand the regulation of the status and working conditions of the writers of the court decisions, of the legal assistants, and of the writers and witnesses of divorces.

The strike will begin with employees coming into work late. In a letter which was sent to the employees of the courts, it was stated that "all employees, at all levels and ratings, are required to come to work from 10:00 AM onward."

"This is the first step in the framework of the activities that will take place in the future until the negotiations are conducted, and the hope that no further actions will be required," the court's staff headquarters said.