OU Israel holds mega event honoring Olim

Over 2,000 revelers celebrate Independence Day at OU event honoring English-speaking Olim. 'I always knew I would make Aliyah.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

OU event
OU event
Eliyahu Yannai

A special Independence Day celebration was held on Wednesday by the Orthodox Union (OU) at Jerusalem's First Station for Jews who immigrated from English-speaking countries.

"For someone who was born here it is obvious to live in a place where everyone speaks Hebrew, behaves like Jews, a place where people are not afraid to walk around the streets or receive derogatory remarks and anti-Semitism," said Jenny Rosenbaum, who immigrated ten years ago from Los Angeles.

"I, who immigrated to Israel only in recent years, know very well what I mean when I celebrate Israel Independence Day here," she added.

Dancing at the event
Photo: Eliyahu Yannai

Simon, who immigrated from Montreal, said that "The decision to immigrate to Israel is perhaps the hardest decision I've ever made in my life, I lived in a good community and made a good income, but it was clear to me that I had to come to Israel. The distance makes it difficult and not always easy to find work here, but I am a Zionist and this is my country, and I wish I could bring all the family members. "

OU Israel Executive Director Rabbi Avi Berman said that "We stand here united to say a huge thank you to our Father in Heaven who gave us a state with an army, with infrastructure, with a strong economy and a wonderful and amazing and exciting nation that we have Independence Day each year, to thank and praise the amazing miracle that is gathered Together all the Jews of the world. "