70th Independence Day
Watch: Parachuting demonstration on Israeli coast

A unique parachute parade was held in the skies of Israel, in which 100 commanders and soldiers jumped out of planes.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

parachuting demonstration
parachuting demonstration
IDF spokesperson

On the shores of Israel, a special parade of the Tzanchanim Brigade (paratroopers) was held in honor of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel. During the parade, 100 soldiers and commanders, both retired and in active service, were parachuted into three main points around the country: Dado Beach in Haifa, Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv and the promenade in Tiberias.

At these locations, and above the city of Jerusalem, the aerobatics crew, together with the "spearhead" squadron, which included the Beechraft T-6 turboprop training craft and the F-15 fighter plane.

Preparations for the skydiving session began last March, and included practicing pulling the parachute harness, air behavior exercises, flight exercises, emergency training and the introduction of the "new" square parachute, which entered the IDF two years ago and replaced the traditional round parachute.

The exercises included the use of the facilities in the parachuting unit at the air force base, as well as physical exercises in the waters of the Mediterranean.

The demonstration was supported by a naval force that operated a diversr range of attack boats. Among the fighting forces, the Shayetet 13 fighters landed and boarded the vessel and sailed back to the shore.