Israel Memorial Day:
Netanyahu: Terrorism is a worldwide disease

Prime Minister speaks at service for Israeli Memorial Day, says 'barbaric' terror Israel faces is now a worldwide 'disease'.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 1:55 PM

Netanyahu at Har Herzl
Netanyahu at Har Herzl
Hillel Meir/TPS

The terrorist threat Israel faces from radical Islam has morphed into a global ‘disease’, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Wednesday afternoon at a Memorial Day service at the military cemetery on Har Herzl in Jerusalem.

“Terrorism is a global disease raging around us as a result of the barbaric fanaticism of radical Islam, and we will not relent in our struggle against it,” said Netanyahu during the service honoring the 23,646 Israeli soldiers who fell in the line of duty, and 3,134 Israeli victims of terrorism.

“Large parts of our neighbors still have not come to terms with our existence, that this [Israel] is our homeland. We will live here forever.”

Earlier at the ceremony, Netanyahu addressed relatives of fallen IDF soldiers, saying that Israelis of different faiths and backgrounds were committed to fight “against the terror fanatics” who threaten Israel’s existence.

"The love of the people lies every day with your loved ones and ours, especially today.

"All of us; Jews, Druze, Christians, Muslims, Bedouins, and Circassians stand together against the terror fanatics who threaten to destroy us and together we will continue to defeat them. An IDF orphan child asked me this week what I think about in those moments when I send soldiers to battle. I told him that I think about the security of the country and its citizens. I think about the soldiers. I think of you and families like yours that are liable to pay the heaviest price. I think of my comrades-in-arms who fell beside me, about David Ben Hamu of Beersheba who died in my arms," the Prime Minister added.

He said, "I always think about the price and how losses can be prevented, and at the same time I know that without the heroism and sacrifice of our fighters, we cannot guarantee our existence. In moments of trial, we must defend our existence firmly, to stand as a wall against our enemies. Thanks to the 23,646 fallen soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, whose names are on this wall, because of them we are here.

"When Independence Day events begin, our flag will rise again, the sons and daughters, our loved ones who have fallen, will be with us. In light of the fallen of Israel's wars, we will aspire to reach their stature," the Prime Minister concluded.

Netanyahu stands next to Israeli soldiers during ceremony marking Memorial Day