Former 'Peace Now' leader egged in Tel Aviv

Yariv Oppenheimer, who represented far-left Peace Now organization, egged while bicycling down Tel Aviv street.

David Rosenberg,

Egg thrown at Oppenheimer
Egg thrown at Oppenheimer
Screenshot/Yariv Oppenheimer

The former Secretary-General of the far-left Peace Now organization was egged in Tel Aviv on Sunday.

Yariv Oppenheimer, a former spokesman for the group, which opposes the existence of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, served as Secretary-General for the organization until 2016.

On Sunday evening, an unidentified assailant hurled an egg and another object at Oppenheimer as he rode his bicycle in Tel Aviv.

The egg missed Oppenheimer, the former Peace Now leader wrote I a social media post, but Oppenheimer was hit by the second object, which he did not identify.

“I’m still in shock from the physical assault I suffered while riding on my bicycle this evening,” Oppenheimer wrote in a post entitled “Violence is violence”.

“An object hit my leg very hard, and an egg was thrown at me, hitting the ground. Both were thrown from a car that was driving right next to me, that then fled the scene. This wasn’t a prank and it’s not a joke. This is ugly violence.”

“People who haven’t been attacked by a stranger and have never felt the force of the blow on their body can’t understand what it’s like.”