PA vehicle drives through roadblock near Ramallah

Soldiers open fire toward Palestinian Arab vehicle that tried to run them over west of Ramallah.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Border Police
Border Police
Flash 90

A Palestinian Arab vehicle on Wednesday evening arrived at a Border Police checkpoint in ​​Deir Qaddis, located near Na'alin, west of Ramallah.

The vehicle did not comply with the soldiers' orders to stop, drove through a roadblock and fled the scene.

The soldiers responded by firing a number of bullets at the vehicle. There were no injuries.

An initial investigation of the incidents revealed that soldiers who were stationed in the Na'alin area noticed a vehicle that approached them. After the soldiers signaled it to stop, the vehicle slowed down, made a U-turn and fled toward Deir Qaddis, where it was intercepted by another team of soldiers.

The second team identified the vehicle as it headed in its direction, veered off the road and began to rush toward one of the fighters in an attempt to run him over. The fighter, who managed to evade the vehicle and a second fighter who was at the scene fired several bullets at the vehicle as it fled into the village.

Immediately after the incident, extensive searches began in an attempt to locate the vehicle in which two suspects were apparently traveling.