Open letter:
Golani fighter writes to all of us

Golani fighter astonished, disappointed at righteous indignation over sniper video, salutes comrades defending border against Hamas attacks.

One Golani Fighter ,

IDF snipers
IDF snipers
Flash 90

In the last few days I've heard all the talk about excessive and unnecessary shooting in the terror marches, which reached its climax with the righteous apology for the sniper's shouts of joy in the video. I hear, and I'm dismayed.

I was amazed at how those people for whom I'd not slept for days and days, sweating entire gallons for them, that I'd cut off contact with normal life so they could live calmly, using the same calm to besmirch me and my friends. The fighters who have no day and no night, no holiday and no Sabbath, no family and friends. The fighters who as of this moment have been confined for forty days on the border of the Gaza Strip.

Yes, I too spent dozens of hours on dirt ramparts and various positions facing an Arab mob bombarding me with slingshots and catapults, cursing and making toward the fence. Actually, beyond the fence. I too faced those 'innocent' demonstrators.

For those who didn't understand, they come not to say hello to us. They cut the fence and damage its operational capabilities. Their other hobbies in the fence area include throwing hand grenades, placing explosive devices, and even shooting. All of course during innocent disturbances or agricultural work.

Here's a story: An innocent wagon driver approached the fence and left behind a devastating bomb that was identified only a while later. When it was deliberately detonated, it completely obliterated the fence and it was easy to guess what would have happened to our forces had it been activated. These aren't fairy tales; I was there. You must now understand why there's a need to distance them at all costs from the fence.

It's important to me that you understand another matter: We're there 24/7 on the fence for you. We're constantly working against a terror organization that continually attacks us, scrutinizes us, and tries to hurt us in any way. This is the situation we're in minute by minute, day by day, for a protracted period. In order to withstand in such a situation and act properly, you have to be a fighter. To understand there's an enemy here examining you and to want to hurt him, to deter him, to set him red lines and, as they say, to "lower his head". A fighter, true to his name, fights, and fights for one goal: Defending the State of Israel and its residents. That's our psychology; that's our routine.

When we're equal to this task and hurt the enemy, covertly as well as overtly, we're joyful and full of satisfaction. It's not only legitimate, it's essential.

It is expected from someone who benefits from the labor of our hands, from the sweat of our bodies, and enjoys a comfortable life at the expense of our freedom not to denigrate us, not to be sanctimonious at our expense.

To the bleeding hearts who complain about low motivation in recruiting combat soldiers, it is recommended to do a simple calculation of one plus one.

And to my dear comrades who drag out yet another tour, another mission, and who secure yet another position, who miss home and a little normality, who give their soul to the people of Israel:

I salute you and I love you!


A Golani fighter

Camouflaged IDF sniper
Flash 90